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I came to the point that after much turbulence and fear and crying I no longer remember what it was like to dream, to care, to hope. I became numb, my body has it’s schedule and I’m still existing but I’m not happy. I smile and laugh a lot actually but it’s because the situation demands it. I became adjusted. I can smile widely and the next second my face became lifeless. I don’t feel much, mostly fatigue and duty and sometimes just relief. That’s probably due to my medication but this is probably the only way I can survive my life right now.
I’m sorry to say this but tumblr became tiring, scrolling down through all of those detached from real life posts is tiring for me, choosing what to post became impossible task.
I’m so sorry to all those wonderful people I met here but focusing on living through next day and it’s neverending problems (mostly work related) is everything I can manage right now. Whining doesn’t change anything and doesn’t help much either, plus no-one likes people that whines everythime - this is a lesson I learned very well in my life.

To sum up I wanted to tell you all - I’m fine. Not happy but all right. I will go through this, I will manage, and maybe one day I’ll find my lost dreams and hope and I’ll start thinking about future again.
But not now. Now I don’t have the strenght.

Thank you my lovelies - you were a world to me. A wonderful world of dreams that I have to let go.

… its too early for this bullshit.

- Me, no matter what time it is. (via lastisle)

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Everything seems to be exhausting me, no matter how much sleep or how much coffee I drink or how long I lie down, something inside me seems to have given up. My soul is tired. - (via forbearance)

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Mushrooms from the Forest by Takashi Homma
"I have been in the forest of Fukushima listening to the voice of mushrooms"

Charles Bridge, Prague.

Photograph by Paul Panayiotou/SIME (National Geographic Travel)

308/365. Since a few weeks I’m taking photos for Summer Lee’s lovely fashion blog. I never gave fashion photography a lot of thoughts, but lately I started enjoying this field a lot. Especially our little outfit shootings. Thanks to her for bringing this wonderful cup to our little shoot out.
… follow for more original photography …

(by Michellisphoto)

Amritsar, India
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